Florian pot of stone dust - medium

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Item no.: SG16319
Colli: 4 Pcs.
Colour: Dark with patina
IMPORTANT each item is unique in colour and finish
Material: Stone
Product features: We recommend using an insert inside the pot or place the pot on a saucer
Size: H:10 cm x W:13 cm x D:13 cm
Deviating dimensions
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Product description

Rustic stone pot, all with a rustic raw old look. Great for the various storage and decoration - it's not waterproof. Rustic and raw stone pot with an old vintage look. The pot is super cool for storing e.g. office supplies, kitchen utensils or cosmetics. You can also use the pot for flowers and plants. Just remember that the pot is not waterproof, so you would need an insert.

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Florian pot of stone dust - medium



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