Codd old wooden box w. bottles

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Item no.: SG160040
Colli: 1 Pcs.
Colour: Wood and green with patina
IMPORTANT each item is unique in colour and finish
Material: Wood | Glass
Size: H:26 cm x W:37 cm x D:26 cm
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Product description

Box made of old recycled wood and with 12 original beautiful old green glass bottles - Nostalgy and upcycling. The bottles are empty, but usually they are filled with Indian soft drinks. The bottle is of the type "Codd Bottles" named after the inventor Hiram Codd 1838-1887. It was he who in 1873 obtained a patent for the small ball lying in the bottle. The idea is that the carbon dioxide and lemonade press the ball up against a rubber ring so that the bottle is completely closed. The ball is pressed down with your finger to open the bottle and you can drink the contents.

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