Beautiful vintage plates and rustic cutting boards made of marble, wood, stone and iron.

Every kitchen should be enriched with delightful, decorative chopping boards and serving platters for cooking, serving and as decorations. At Trademark Living, you’ll find a varied selection of chopping boards and serving platters, all in beautiful, practical designs. Whether you’re into the angular, the round or the oval, you’ll find something! Chopping boards are suitable for any serving purpose, whether tapas, cheese, fruit, pizza or something altogether different.
Bon appétit!

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The chopping board is a crucial tool in the kitchen

Never underestimate the importance of a chopping board when cooking. Our Trademark Living chopping boards are not only practical; they look fantastic too. The common trait of all our wooden chopping boards is that they are rustic. On top of that, they have a strap so you can hang them up easily. The large wooden chopping boards have a nice rustic leather strap.

There is always something to celebrate!

A rustic Christmas, Easter, or other festive occasion? YES PLEASE!
Fancy making your next party a little more distinctive and rustic? Use chopping boards and serving platters to serve your dishes or use them as decoration to grace your table or kitchen.  

Dinner setting with the most beautiful details

Use our beautiful vintage serving platters and rustic chopping boards made of marble, wood, stone, and iron to add superb details to your dinner setting.
Use them as a table protector with a difference, for your jewellery or in the kitchen. We have a wide range of chopping boards in various shades of brown.