Unique Bollywood film projector

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Item no.: D2393
One of a kind: Yes
Colli: 1 Pcs.
Colour: Dark with patina
Material: Iron
Product features: Original old
Size: H:240 cm x W:140 cm x D:60 cm
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Product description

The film credits roll, and the lights are turned on in cinemas across the country as small luminous dots that link the so diverse country of India together around a film culture whose power it is almost impossible to overestimate. Bollywood intervenes in every part of the Indian society. And now you have the opportunity to get your hands on a real Indian film projector which has shown thousands of films for the film-loving Indians. Indian films are one of the world leaders in terms of quantity. For you who have a passion for film or have a business where it can act as a completely unique eye catcher.

Unique Bollywood film projector



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