Tour de France

These days, the Tour fever is gaining strength, and soon the summer's biggest cycling event will kick off. We are excited that Danish cobblestones and roads form the framework for the first stages of the legendary Tour de France. Are you turning completely yellow, green or have you just started to get red dots, then Trademark Living has some medicine that can take most of the Tour fever? Take a ride through the selection of upcycled interiors.

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Recycle, upcycle, bicycle

Since 1903, the Tour de France race has turned men into myths, while the bicycle has become an aesthetic symbol of raw endurance and willpower. At Trademark Living, we have a great passion for recycling and upcycling; At the same time, we absolutely love the bike's rustic aesthetics, and since millions of bikes are thrown out every year, bikes and bike parts have become one of our favourite items to upcycle to great interiors and furniture.