Trademark Living leaves DNA imprints

The past, present and future meet in this minimalistic and humanistic expression. There is room left for the viewer's own interpretation, experience and reflection. Trademark Living has created a recognizable visual identity.

A fingerprint that manifests the DNA of the company – and its uniqueness. A face that reflects the new times, visions and the constant change of humanity. The infinity and rings of water spread as the company offers customer service and an exciting range.

"Trademark Living's visual make-over is primarily aimed at enhancing recognizability in the market," the owner Jan Thormann says and he continues: "The icon is like an infinite frame that forms a sound foundation for something bigger. There is no doubt that this brand icon represents what we do - and who we are. We want to show our pride and uniqueness”.

The significant development will continue, as in the future you will find the brand icon on all the products and the packaging of the firm. A simple, straightforward, clean and coherent printed image.

The living market reflects the consumer's need for "my home is my personal universe" and "my home makes me feel safe". The products of Trademark Living are both lifestyle and quality of life.

It is experience philosophy based on the best motto: "You can - if you think you can".